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Spokane, WA

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Providing high quality, affordable housing to great people!

Kelley Developments, LLC is a property management firm committed to providing high quality, affordable housing to great people.

Mission: To be the property management company of choice for great people seeking flexible, affordable, high quality living arrangements.

Who we serve:
Our tenants are those looking to rent a room in a shared home in order to save hundreds of dollars per month by comparison to apartment living. 

What we provide:
We take pride in offering the best value possible to those renting rooms/shares in single family homes.  We believe the best formula for creating a comfortable home environment for renters starts by aligning our property management approach with renters' best interests.  Such interests include:

  • Clean and spacious living
  • Rent includes all utilities, cable tv, and wireless high speed internet!
  • Current tenants are always given a voice when selecting among prospective housemates.
  • $100 Move-in credits for new tenants (or $100 referral credits if existing tenant refers a friend to sign a lease)

What we require of our tenants: Naturally, living with other people has its benefits and challenges.  We believe that as long as housemates regard two simple rules, that all problematic situations can be avoided.  These two rules include:

  • Being respectful of others
  • Keeping common areas clean

As a result of our tenant-centered approach to property management and our strong reputation, we benefit from the high demand generated for our rooms, which in turn allows us to select the very best person to fill each room. 

All this enables us to fulfill our mission to provide high quality, affordable housing to great people!



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