At Kelley Rental Properties, we are always thinking of ways we can operate in such a way that is best for our local community and best for the local environment.  We emphasize sourcing work and materials locally when making improvements to our properties, and we always endeavor to improve the energy efficiency of each of our homes, thus minimizing our carbon footprint.  

We also dedicate our time and talents to invest in our local community.  Key outcomes we look for are opportunities for youth, safe neighborhoods, healthy families and a stronger local economy.  

Community Support

Providing high quality, affordable housing to great people!

We provide a tenant-centered approach to property management that results in unparalleled value for our tenants.  

We do this because we sincerely believe a commitment to our tenants' best interests will yield the best outcomes for our local community and will provide the foundation for a sustainable business model that we can be proud of.